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Looking for a meaningful way to contribute to social impact, but not sure where to start? No need to start from scratch - we have a ready-built solution. Inspiring Capital's membership community is uniquely positioned at the intersection of the private sector and the "social sector," with a thoughtful, business-minded approach to making strategic and sustainable change.

IC members are current and rising leaders of social enterprises, not-for-profits, foundations, impact investment firms, and corporations from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. Members benefit from exclusive access to events, curated networking opportunities, relevant resources and job listings, and an online community of like-minded humans.

Inspiring Capital gave me access to a network of like-minded professionals striving to use their professional experiences to do good. I would tell future fellows to forget what they think they know about the social impact space and open up their mind to learn new and useful concepts that can benefit them in all facets of life.
— Adam, 2017 IC Community Member

Why become a member of the Inspiring Capital community? 

Curated Networking Opportunities

We’ve been in the social impact space for over 4 years & we know a lot of people in the space. Come chat to us and we can think about your career path and put you in touch with the right people. Our community membership network is always expanding! 

Weekly Newsletter

Highlighting sector-related events, job opportunities, the best reads, & the latest news in the sector!  

Discounted Events

Get 40-100% off Inspiring Capital’s monthly events — panel discussions, interactive roundtable discussions, coffee chats, happy hours & more! 

Discounted Fellowships & Workshops

Get 20% off Inspiring Capital's fellowships & professional development workshops. We offer various programs that are tailored to fit different ages and stages - there’ll be one that’s perfect for you! 

Quarterly members-only facilitated networking groups

You'll be joining our fast-expanding community of purpose driven individuals. All of our members fall somewhere on the spectrum of impact ™, whether that means they are working for non-profits, B Corporations, or philanthropic wings of big corporates! 

Coming soon 2018: Membership Platform

Here our community members will be able to sign into their own exclusive section of the Inspiring Capital website where they'll be able to access all of our members resources: white papers, curated content, guided activities & more! 

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