Our mission is to re-inspire the American workforce. We aim to help individuals, organizations, and employers align their skills, interests, and needs with the needs of their communities and the world, to do work that really matters. In doing so, we create a purpose-driven, motivated workforce! 


We envision a future in which all of us discover our personal drive and professional capacity to contribute to organizations that integrate their profit and purpose to build thriving communities. In turn, these communities make up a world that provides opportunity for all its citizens to prosper.


Inspiring Capital was founded in 2013 and became a B Corp the same year. We began as a one-woman consulting firm to help nonprofits find more sustainable ways to finance their work, championing the integration of profit and purpose. From there, we have evolved our model in response to market feedback, realizing that bridging the divide between social impact organizations and the private sector is critical for ushering in a healthy, equitable, and new economy. We’ve created an ecosystem of purpose driven individuals and organizations, all of whom are ready for the new economy.


Founder & CEO

Nell’s mission is to connect divergent ideas and people in a way that helps people discover work that they find fulfilling, which is what we need to heal the world.

Nell is passionate about translating insights from business and entrepreneurship to drive social change. She speaks about this work in diverse settings, including Harvard, Columbia, Yale Social Enterprise, the Global CFA Institute, High Water Women, and iRelaunch conferences. Nell is an adjunct professor of impact investing at New York University. Before establishing Inspiring Capital, Nell was the founding director of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization, a US not-for-profit that has facilitated social and economic development for over 9,000 women and children in the Middle East since 2008.

Nell has studied psychology, education, and entrepreneurship at Harvard, Columbia, London Business School, and Cambridge University, as well as informal ‘classrooms’ in 49 countries. She helped John Mullins, Associate Professor at London Business School, research The Customer Funded Business (Wiley, 2014). Nell speaks English, French, and Italian, as well as some Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese.


Growth Strategy & Partnerships Manager

Sarah's mission is to invigorate life through helping others embrace self, live intuitively, and actualize dreams.

She is excited to serve Inspiring Capital through working with the CEO, Nell, to develop new service offerings and continuously improve the sales funnel. She also spearheads the team's HR function and co-designs and co-facilitates the custom purposeful leadership experiential workshops for IC's Fortune 500 clientele alongside Nell.

Sarah comes to Inspiring Capital with a background in working with
entrepreneurs and new leaders. She graduated from Regent University with a B.A. in
Leadership Studies and has spent time abroad in Panama studying sustainable
business practices and entrepreneurship. Originally from New York, she has spent the last few years in Dallas, Texas working in various industries, such as fashion & design, executive coaching, and social impact consulting. Sarah has a heart for social impact initiatives, conscious living/consumerism, mental health, and Ayurveda, and, in her spare time, you can typically find her writing poetry, learning swing dance, or leading or attending a yoga class.


2022 MBA Impact Fellowship (now owned by PGI)


2022 National Park Service Business Plan Internship (NPS BPI, now owned by PGI)