We’re tax-status-agnostic. In other words, we believe that some problems are best solved with a for-profit model, and others by nonprofit organizations funded partially or mainly by philanthropic donations. Our model provides impact orgs. across the spectrum with inspired talent to catalyze growth.

Our clients recognize that their success is most critically determined by having the most qualified, motivated, and purpose-aligned professionals on their team. They also recognize the benefit of access to a growing community of like-minded professionals and organizations that can become employees, consultants, customers, partners, or investors.

There are several ways for organizations to engage with us:

Learning & Development

Today’s professionals want continuous feedback and learning, which presents an opportunity, but also a challenge, for employers. 

Corporates face new expectations to contribute socially while talent is increasingly purpose-driven. These concurrent trends position service-oriented learning and development as an effective solution to this challenge.

IC’s L&D programs help participants understand how they fit into their company’s larger purpose, and ways to advance that purpose more effectively in their current roles, and future career path at your company. We also offer project-based teamwork for your high-potential employees to build skills and relationships within and around your company that will serve their professional growth, as well as affiliation to your firm.

Project Based Work

In this fast-changing environment, it’s hard to know what roles you need now, much less a few months or years from now, and what type of professional will fill that role best. Flexible, project-based assignments help get critical projects done without the risk or cost of adding a full-time role, and accelerates impact without burdening your existing team.

Do you have a project that your team doesn’t have bandwidth for, but is:

-       Timely (or urgent!) for your growth or success

-       Relevant to senior management

-       Promising in terms of the outcomes or ROI

-       Related to the integration of profits and purpose

We’d love to talk about helping your organization do more of its work more sustainably and strategically.