“[This program] helped me to go deeper in understanding my own personal strengths and weaknesses and how I communicate my past and future goals to others.”

"IC gave me: education about the industry in general, meeting other people who are on a similar path, networking with many for potential job leads or learning about other employment paths."

"It gave me space to think about what I have done throughout my career and how that differs from what I want to do going forward.  It introduced me to an awesome cohort of women.  It expanded my awareness of social entrepreneurs."

"We delved far deeper into the self than I anticipated but resulted in far more awareness than I imagined."

"It gave me career focus and confidence and an introduction to like minded women to help stay on track going forward."

"It expanded my awareness of the reach and effect of the social impact field. It also helped me to focus on my skill set and interest in participating in this growing area."

"It was more thoughtful and introspective than anticipated.  I expected to learn about the social impact space and opportunities there for me (which I did), but I was pleasantly surprised by the focus on presentation, goal setting, and inward searching about myself and where I want to be."

“I hadn't expected much personal development. It was refreshing to reflect and be vulnerable after decades of toughing it out.  I also felt validated in the work I've been doing to figure out the next phase of my career.

“The weekly panels and Nell's presentations provided a great overview of the diversity within Social Enterprise, I learned the industry language and how different companies interpret the potential positions.

“The program expanded my understanding of the social impact sector and the potential of value add of women. It was inspiring to see so many women already successful in the sector and helping others navigate it.

“I am much more aware of the reach and possibilities in this space. There is so much, almost too much, to choose from as far as where I think I can add value and be most effective.”

"The workshop was a shot of adrenaline.  It gave the sense that there are opportunities in the social sector and the motivation to pursue them."

"Your own personal program results will be based on your participation.  This includes doing the homework, being honest with yourself about your goals, strengths, and values, actively being in the moment during the sessions.  It is vital to be ready and to do the work."

"It's a great spring board to a career in social impact, helpful to learn about yourself, career goals, networking and build a community of like minded women."