Social Impact Opportunities

Are you interested in social change and considering how to incorporate impact into your career path? Inspiring Capital’s undergrad fellowship is designed to give exceptional students exposure to potential careers in the social impact space:


Our SESTI program will be held in both New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina, where client work and training sessions are held.


The tuition for SESTI is $3800. There are limited financial assistance funds available. For more information, email 

*Tuition covers all program-related expenses including training materials. Housing, food, transportation, and other auxiliary expenses are not included.


SESTI NYC: June, 2018- August, 2018

SESTI Raleigh: June, 2018- August, 2018

Inspiring Capital’s 10-week Social Enterprise Summer Training Institute (SESTI) provides highly qualified and motivated undergraduates with unparalleled exposure to client work for thought-leading organizations that are integrating their profits and purpose. Each SESTI fellow will be paired with a current MBA fellow and assigned to help with a practical consulting project on behalf of a social impact client. It’s the ultimate summer internship combined with over 100 hours of training from industry experts, and you’re sure to form long-lasting connections with peers, mentors and potential employers.


Applications are admitted on a rolling basis. 

As an undergrad at Dartmouth, Ashley worked alongside an MBA Fellow for the summer to support an early stage social venture creating a ‘high-impact hotel’ concept of tourism that was not only environmentally and socially responsible, but designed to ADD value to the communities in which it operates. Since graduating, Ashley has been working for Cambridge Associates’ Mission-Related Investing as a Senior Investment Associate.

After his junior year at Dickinson, Alex worked alongside an MBA Fellow to design an accelerator program for startups using mobile technology to advance human development. The program was adopted by the GSMA, an international industry association for mobile operators. Now, Alex is creating a Data Analytics team in the office of the Chief Financial Officer of the US Department of Education.




There is a big fear factor that comes into play when I think about leaving a stable job at a well-established and highly regarded company to venture out in pursuit of my passion. But I think that with that risk come significant rewards in terms of experience and my own personal goals—and specifically at Inspiring Capital, not only because the mission is one that I truly believe in for the future of this world, but also because I trust [the team’s] ability to lead the way.
— Undergrad intern, 2014
I love working for Inspiring Capital because I’ve witnessed how much potential there is for philanthropies to have an impact, but often these organizations don’t have the skills or resources to maximize their potential, which is where IC comes in.
— Undergrad intern, 2014

[I got] a lot greater bandwidth of knowledge than I expected. As well as more chances to negotiate work territory on my own. I learned a ton about the huge variety of options – far from narrowing down my focus this actually opened up a whole host of new options (which is great).
— SESTI Participant, 2015
I cannot begin to describe how amazing my internship this summer has been for both my professional and self-development. Especially as I begin looking for opportunities after graduation, I am frequently disappointed that so many organizations lack IC’s flair, integrity, and authenticity. [IC] truly spoiled me. Anything I can do for your recruiting/outreach efforts at Tuck or Dartmouth, please let me know! I’d love to help in anyway I can.
— Undergrad intern, 2014