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Maddie is so excited to be at Inspiring Capital, and can’t wait to bring this excitement every day to her role as Recruitment and Operations Analyst. She looks forward to being the main point of contact for all of Inspiring Capital’s fellows, and to help others discover meaning in their career paths just as she is doing in hers.

Maddie comes to Inspiring Capital with a background in advising and working with students. She graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Anthropology, and spent a year of her studies on a cross-cultural study abroad program traveling to Tanzania, India, New Zealand and Mexico. Her love of student advisement started as a senior in college, when she mentored a group of incoming first-year students. From there, she moved into the world of international education, working in student services for an English language school in New York City.  Maddie is an avid reader and co-author of a vegetarian food blog (www.double-thyme.com) that she writes with her twin sister. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.