Quarterback Fellowship Program

We’ve designed comprehensive programs providing unparalleled professional and personal development opportunities for MBAs. We transform challenges faced by social impact organizations into opportunities for MBAs to make an impact, develop skills, and do it all in a career-compatible 10-week format, fitting into pre- and post- MBA summers. 

What you'll walk away with:

  • 10 weeks of hands-on consulting experience at a leading social impact organization

  • Ownership of a game-changing world bettering project

  • Involved at the C-suite and Board-level of decision-making

  • Portfolio of client deliverables

  • Expertise & Support of the Inspiring Capital team

  • Expand your network to include other top MBA candidates, alumni, and industry leaders

  • Enhanced “career story” through differentiated experience

Where is Quarterback located?

Anywhere! Our program allows you to work remotely. 

Interested in the program? Want to learn more? 

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Demonstrate your interest in a new career by taking on one of our high-impact projects. Gain new skills and exercise old ones in a new context! Network with other MBA candidates outside of your program, and join a selective alumni network before even completing your MBA. It’s time to fill the “impact gap” in your career and take on responsibility for the greater good.

Add a capstone to your MBA experience. A high-impact project central to the strategy or operations of a high-potential nonprofit organization can cement your track record of success. Leave your mark on an organization as you take ownership of a game-changing project and put your new skills on display. Plus, you’ll join yet another selective alumni network.





  Stefanie Thomas

Stefanie Thomas

Quarterback did not simply provide me with the chance to have a meaningful summer before business school, it positioned me for an extremely unique experience to work with a highly successful social enterprise called CODE2040. My Quarterback engagement over this past summer was truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Not only did this work allow me to connect with some of the most prominent organizations within the industry of my desired future career, but it also afforded me the chance to stretch my leadership capacity within a complex environment.