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In this episode, we talk about the sustainable fashion movement. 

Fashion is a three trillion dollar industry that affects virtually every person on the planet. Today, the long-term sustainability of the fashion industry is under significant threat from a wide range of social, human rights, environmental and commercial governance factors.

In this episode of The Inspiring Capital Podcast, Taryn Hipwell and I talk about the sustainable fashion movement. Taryn is the founder of Beyond the Label, a thought leader, and consumer engagement specialist in the realm of sustainable fashion. Beyond the Label (BtL) started as a partnership with TEDxLA to educate west coasters about the true health, social, and environmental cost of their fashion purchases. Taryn is the Arts/Fashion Chair for UN WOMEN-USNC LA (United Nations) and an Advisory Board Member for Fashion Revolution USA. Taryn is committed to producing fun, authentic, bold content, books, and events that shatter stereotypes, shift perceptions, and change lives.

Our Top Quotes from Episode 5: 

“Your pores are like tiny little mouths and whatever you put on them, they eat.” - Taryn Hipwell

“It is time to have a bigger conversation relating cancer to your clothes.” - Taryn Hipwell

“Fast fashion and fast food are parallel.” - Taryn Hipwell

"Figure out what you’re most passionate about and relate that to other things in your life.” - Taryn Hipwell

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