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In this episode we explore why North Carolina has become a social impact hub and why Inspiring Capital decided to expand there. 

North Carolina has a complex relationship with important social issues like racism and LGBT rights. It’s also become a major hub for social enterprises. In this episode, we explore the connection between those parts of NC’s identity.

In this episode of The Inspiring Capital Podcast, Julia Wuench (our NC Market Manager) and I talk about why North Carolina has become a social impact hub. Julia is originally a New Yorker, but is now living in Durham, North Carolina as a self-described “adopted North Carolinian.” She is managing Inspiring Capital’s expansion into the North Carolina market. Her background is in healthcare finance, and she holds an MBA from Duke University with a concentration in social entrepreneurship.

Our Top Quotes from Episode 4: 

"We see a really high concentration of social enterprises here in North Carolina… It [shows] how resilient the community has been in terms of overcoming some of the byproducts of segregation and racism in our history." - Julia Wuench

“It’s not an elitist world of social impact as, I think, sometimes unfortunately happens in some bigger cities.” - Julia Wuench

“It is a small enough space that it is bite size and you can chew it, absorb it, and understand it and all the players in the space. But, it is big enough that you are always learning new things and meeting new people and discovering cool, new organizations.” - Julia Wuench

“It was really heartening to see small businesses really stepping up and asserting a conscience in this really fraught political climate.” - Julia Wuench

“I try to be intentional about cultivating love, kindness, and forgiveness, with the people I love that are in my direct circle every day." - Julia Wuench

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