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How are your prejudices affecting your life? This episode we talk about hacking biases. 

Can hacking your own bias save lives? Can we unlearn our biases? How do you unleash human potential by acknowledging bias?

In this episode of The Inspiring Capital Podcast, we talk with founder & CEO of BE MORE America, Anurag Gupta. BE MORE is a social enterprise that trains healthcare professionals on how to break unconscious bias.

Our Top Quotes from Episode 2: 

“Inclusion is what we are really trying to achieve... which is to make everyone feel included regardless of what they look like, their background, their origins. Diversity is really about ensuring that different perspectives - different life, different types of human experiences - are reflected in a company.” - Anurag Gupta

“We can only change other things if we change ourselves.” - Anurag Gupta

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