Episode 4. Why NC?, Julia Wuench

North Carolina has a complex relationship with important social issues like racism and LGBT rights. It’s also become a major hub for social enterprises. In this episode, we explore the connection between those parts of NC’s identity.

In this episode of The Inspiring Capital Podcast, Julia Wuench (our NC Market Manager) and I talk about why North Carolina has become a social impact hub. Julia is originally a New Yorker, but is now living in Durham, North Carolina as a self-described “adopted North Carolinian.” She is managing Inspiring Capital’s expansion into the North Carolina market. Her background is in healthcare finance, and she holds an MBA from Duke University with a concentration in social entrepreneurship.

Episode 3. Money Honey, Simone Nicole McGurl

Women have a complicated relationship with money. There's a long way to go when it comes to the wage gap, wealth gap, women entrepreneurs getting funding, and female investors. Nell and Simone discuss mentors, negotiating, and career development, all through the lens of gender and race. 

In this episode of The Inspiring Capital Podcast, Nell Derick Debevoise (CEO & Founder of Inspiring Capital) talked with Simone Nicole McGurl. Simone is a specialist stakeholder engagement, governance, and business development, currently the director of board relations at the Environmental Defense Fund. She is a board member of the Ms Foundation and adjunct professor at NYU Wagner.

Episode 2. Hacking Bias, Anurag Gupta

Can hacking your own bias save lives? Can we unlearn our biases? How do you unleash human potential by acknowledging bias?

In this episode of The Inspiring Capital Podcast, we talk with founder & CEO of BE MORE America, Anurag Gupta. BE MORE is a social enterprise that trains healthcare professionals on how to break unconscious bias.

Episode 1. Getting Comfortable With the Struggle, Nell Derick Debevoise

Welcome to the Inspiring Capital podcast, this is the show for the purpose driven person who isn’t afraid to have the difficult conversations ways about the challenges and opportunities of having a positive impact in their personal lives and at work. There’s a lot of talk about impact and purpose these days. But we feel and hear from our community a need for more honest and pragmatic conversation about the complexities of social and environmental change. In this podcast preview episode, we're with Nell Derick Debevoise, founder and CEO of Inspiring Capital to give you a taste of the kind of topics we’ll be addressing in our first season.