Why is Inspiring Capital sponsoring this competition?

It is our mission to activate the resources necessary for organizations to integrate their profits and purpose toward the end goal of long-term organizational sustainability and community prosperity. We believe that there is a lack of effective professional human capital in the social sector, and that by infusing the best business minds into high-potential social organizations, we will be able to find more effective solutions to social problems, create capacity for the social sector to absorb professionals seeking meaningful work, and encourage organizations to be stewards of their employees, suppliers, consumers, and natural environment. It is our belief that all organizations should be able to access these resources, and this competition is our way of making it possible for early-stage small-scale organizations to attain the highest-quality human capital.

I'm interested in being an IC client-- can I apply for this competition? 

Yes - the purpose of this competition is to provide IC’s catalytic services and network access to organizations with an innovative and integrated profit-impact model, but lacking the cash to pay for our services. Each candidate organization's ability to pay will be considered, and those with some ability to pay (or raise funds to pay) will be directed to our Director of Client Engagement, to discuss paid engagement according to our sliding fee scale.

What kind of organization would make the best candidate for the pitch competition?

The best candidate for the competition is an early stage social venture with impact- and profit- models that are integrated and self-reinforcing. In other words, who do more good for the world the better they do as a business! AND a venture for which access to Inspiring Capital's rich talent pool would truly be a game changer in 2016.

We know that the market is full of worthy organizations, as well as terrific service providers helping start-ups achieve their missions. Our niche is providing high-capacity professionals, supported by our diverse expert network, who have both strategy, finance, and/or operations chops AND an appreciation of the challenges of making strategic and sustainable impact. If your organization could leverage that kind of talent to have more impact this year and in the future, please proceed with the Pitch for People application!

What criteria will the judges be using to evaluate candidates?

Our judges and selection committee are accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds. They're uniquely positioned and committed to the success of early stage social ventures with an ambitiously, stubbornly, and pragmatically optimistic approach to solving social or environmental problems. We will evaluate candidate ventures based on three main criteria: Organizational team and structure, Impact and Revenue models, and Fit for IC Services (ability to leverage IC resources).