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Customizable Fellowships - Inspiring Capital

Customizable Fellowship

Our customizable fellowship model combines our workshops, events, skills-based volunteer work, and membership platform in an ongoing set of opportunities that help develop, retain, and inspire your highest value employees.

These fellowships provide groups of employees with the knowledge, tools, and conversations to align their work with their personal impact goals. Participants come away with a personal impact roadmap. This maps the connections between their current work, their impact in the world, and their future professional and personal goals for impact and purpose. They also gain the language and tools needed to have impact conversations with other colleagues, building the intra-firm relationships that increase engagement and retention.

How does it work?

We'll work closely with you to assess your organization’s needs: what are your biggest pain points? After we’ve conducted a thorough analysis, we'll work with you to design and deliver the most appropriate combination of our services to fit your needs.

Who are they for?

Our fellowships are most effective when designed for specific groups of employees, such as: new managers, high potentials, exiting late-career folks, or under-represented team members.

What's the timeline?

Inspiring Capital’s customizable fellowships range from 3-12 months, with 2-10 hours of activity per month (a blend of in-person and online), and options for more intensive volunteer assignments at the employer’s request.

Why Inspiring Capital?

We're designed for the future of work: group-based programs for peer learning, interdisciplinary approach, action-oriented tools and ongoing engagement with diverse IC network.


Lunch and learns, full-day sessions, or workshop series


Ongoing access to like-minded peers and our resources.


Volunteer and board opportunities with impact organizations.


Interactive, external or internal cross-departmental events.


A combination of our four services, tailored to your organization's needs.