Panel Discussion on the Circular Economy

The circular economy: a way for businesses to tackle the triple bottom line and realize a more sustainable future.

The circular economy (CE) in business can lead to the integration of social, environmental and financial returns.  By moving away from the current linear take-make-dispose model, which assumes that natural resources are unlimited and cheap, the circular economy is more restorative and regenerative by design.  It encourages businesses to think differently about their products, resources, and customers.

Our panel speakers are not about business-as-usual, rather they represent companies that are interested or acting on ‘circularity’.  We discuss what steps have been taken towards the CE, their takeaways from these actions, what they see as the trajectory of the CE in business and how businesses can take steps to get there. 

Roundtable Discussion on Aspirational Consumers

Engaging Aspirationals As Talent & Customers

The event will allow for each speaker to talk about the work they do and how they interact with aspirationals. We’d love for each speaker to propose a question or share a hardship on the topic. We will then have a roundtable discussion, with our attendees participating, and try to tackle the questions/pain points that are brought up by the speakers. The goal is for attendees to leave with a deep understanding of who aspirationals are, why they are important, and how to engage effectively with this growing group of purpose-driven individuals.