Learning & Development

Today’s professionals want continuous feedback and learning, which presents an opportunity, but also a challenge for employers. 

Corporates face new expectations to contribute socially while talent is increasingly purpose-driven. These concurrent trends position service-oriented learning and development as an effective solution to this challenge.

IC’s L&D programs help participants understand how they fit into their company’s larger purpose, and ways to advance that purpose more effectively in their current roles, and future career path at your company. We also offer project-based teamwork for your high-potential employees to build skills and relationships within and around your company that will serve their professional growth, as well as affiliation to your firm.

What we can do together: 

Inspiring Capital (IC) will customize our impact sector leadership development training to engage and motivate your employees. 

We'll deliver an appropriate mix of the following topics and activities:


  • Knowledge workshops related to the social impact sector and how business professionals can contribute to create an impact within their workplace & community.  Example topics are listed below: 

    • Inspiring Capital's Spectrum of Impact
    • Finding Purpose at Work
    • Culturally Competent Workplaces
    • Growth Mindset & Stretch Goals
    • Design Thinking
  • Interactive activities & case study assignments to engage employees in problem solving for not-for-profit organizations to enhance efficiency, financial sustainability, and their ability to scale impact

  • Impact experiences for individuals or small teams

    • connecting business professionals with fulfilling service opportunities that support high-impact organizations within our fast-growing network 

  • Curated readings and video content to help high-potential professionals understand how to use their business skills to contribute to social and/or environmental impact- both internally & externally

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