Worth Magazine: Top 10 Frontier Markets

The cover of the March / April edition of Worth magazine was a world map, which always catches my eye. They profiled the “Top 10 Frontier Markets," going beyond the BRICs buzz of recent years. Indeed, they present a well-studied overview of 10 countries that haven’t yet established themselves as credible investment targets among mainstream investors. 

I was particularly glad to see their highlight of Mozambique as a ‘bright spot on the African content," which is exactly what I observed when I spent two months with entrepreneurs, politicians, community leaders, and investors there last summer. Their oil reserves had just been confirmed at a level rivaling those of Qatar, and now they’ve met theExtractive Industries Transparency Initiative standards. Rio Tinto and Vale are particularly visible up North, where Mozambique’s coal is most abundant. 

And they mention the nearly 7,000 kilometers of coastline as an asset as a supply chain factor strategically located between Africa and Asia. But they don’t point out what an incredible tourist destination that coastline provides! If Branson has built there it can’t be too bad…