A big day for impact investing in New York, started in midtown at the World Economic Forum's release of their new report released this morning: From the Margins to Mainstream. And it will end in up-and-coming West Chelsea with the Impact Investing NYC Meetup at the Centre for Social Innovation. WEF report coverMatthew Bishop moderated expertly, as he does, and opened with three important take-aways from the report: first, pointing out that WEF does not describe Impact Investing as an asset class, as JP Morgan famously did in their formative report on the field. The WEF report also highlighted the significance of intentionality in impact investing, and the importance of measuring and accounting for outcomes.

The panelists (Alicia Glen, Goldman Sachs; Dave Chen, Equilibrium Capital; Audrey Choi, Morgan Stanley; and Tracy Palandjian, Social Finance US) did an excellent job of presenting their work with an honest discussion of challenges, opportunities, and concrete next steps [recommendations were Walking the Walk (especially for foundations); diving in and trying things to build momentum in the space; and better tax regulation for impact investment income].

It's a busy day in New York, with the Women Leadership Summit in Times Square, a UN Global Compact tourism industry session showcasing our work with Tomorrow's Youth this afternoon, and the Meetup tonight. So read highlights of the WEF event on our Twitter feed (and tune back in tonight 7 pm EST for a live feed of the Impact Investing meetup), and download the WEF report for weekend reading!