Nothing excites me more than working with incredibly intelligent, innovative and inspiring women. You’d think that wouldn’t be so rare in NYC but in the non-profit sector unfortunately it is. Don’t get me wrong, many intelligent people exist in the public world but very few have the courage and creativity to pursue something so new and progressive. This is why I am so excited to start work today at Inspiring Capital. Nell’s experience in the non-profit sector resonated with me on many different levels. Frustrated with the current donor dependent model, I left the non-profit sector to pursue graduate school at New York University to try and figure out a better way. The current system is not working and so many incredible organizations are losing sight of their mission because they are at the mercy of their funders.


 This led me to Inspiring Capital where we are figuring out a better way.  Transforming the non-profit sector with independent revenue streams  and influencing the private sector to use their power for good.

 I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this journey and so grateful Nell and  Yael invited me along for the ride!

-Ana Defillo

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