Today's healthy dose of gratitude goes to Inspiring Capital's five illustrious advisors. They are mentors, colleagues, and friends to different extents at different times, and have each exceeded my most optimistic expectations since I asked them to become advisors in May. mentor quoteIndeed, our advisors have been to many places that Inspiring Capital wants to go, including major successes as investors, thought leaders, connectors, convenorseducators, and most importantly: engaged members contributing positively to their local and global communities. And they're still on the rise, with lots more achievement to come, not least of which through their participation in the growing Inspiring Capital community!

So we are flattered and deeply grateful that they are working so hard to support that growth of Inspiring Capital. These talented and generous individuals have made introductions resulting in client relationships and speaking engagements; provided critical feedback on the Inspiring Capital model and related promotional materials; and offered wisdom and emotional support throughout the hardest moments of early stages of launching a business. And what's more, there are dozens of other individuals who have contributed similar efforts on an ad hoc basis, further advancing Inspiring Capital's growth.

So thank you, Gabriel, John, John, Marilia, and Susan - looking forward to thanking you all together and in person in the very near future!