This week, I have been particularly inspired by the incredible talent, creativity, and get-things-done-ness of outstanding young people. Which is dwarfed by the potential of these leaders as they continue to work, learn, and grow. We're blessed to live at an incredible time of challenge and difficulty that provides abundant opportunity for change. Chelsea Clinton's palpable influence at the ninth Clinton Global Initiative was a powerful symbol of the increasing influence of the younger generation. A few highlights that led me to focus my gratitude on rising stars today:

  • Vivian Onano, who I had the pleasure to meet this summer and look forward to working with in the near future, wrote another great Huff Po post on education and mentorship, with a focus on girls and young women.
  • Esperanza Azteca and about 20 of their unbelievably talented young musicians (at-risk youth from Mexican cities where the 55 EA orchestras operate) performed a breathtaking version of the Hallelujah chorus at the Clinton Global Initiative closing yesterday. The young man who sang Besame Mucho to a quality and volume to give Andrea Bocelli a run for his money was a particular standout.
  • Echoing Green fellows are rarely anything less than jawdroppingly talented, eloquent, and passionate, but Karim Abouelnaga was particularly impressive during our brief but substantive chat at CGI. His summer academic support program for at-risk American youth seems to have all the ingredients for a solution on the rise.
  • Finally, following up from Nexus Youth Summit, I had excellent initial partnership discussions with Scott Duncan of YGAP (attend their 5th birthday bash if you'll be in Sydney in October!) and Hazami Barmada of al-mubadarah that make me proud and energized to be part of the millennial movement as a borderline millennial (1980!) working to connect millennials with more established capital (financial, human, intellectual, and social - not just money!) that shares our vision of healthier, happier, and more equitable world.