This week, I am very grateful for my ability to and passion for travel, and that of friends, colleagues, and others around me. You might expect this appreciation to be provoked by a fantastically exotic or relaxing getaway. But it was actually my colleague's long weekend away (which was exceedingly well-earned and a needed break from 7 non-stop months of startup life) and then a meeting about our next meetup, which will be travel themed. travel quoteThe simple process of brainstorming the many speakers and discussion topics related to potential for financial and social returns from travel-related ventures, all amidst our co-host's magnificent travel photography, was hugely inspiring. Stay tuned for this meetup (coming in late March) - it's going to be a good one!

And the fresh mind and spirit that the always-fabulous Yael brought back from the Rockies was a catalytic element in what was a particularly big (aren't they all?!) week of startup life. We had some incredibly visionary and productive sessions as well as the restorative giggles that all startup heroes know, love, and need.

Finally, I am grateful that I have a getaway on the books: yoga in paradise with my mom. Does it get better?! Enjoy your weekends - travel a little, whether or not you leave home... You'll work better on Monday if you do!