Someone I didn’t manage to meet at last month’s Triple Bottom Line Investing conference rescheduled our call earlier in the week for 8:30 this morning. I was a bit reticent to accept, but agreed. Then about 8:33 this morning, I wished I hadn’t and got skeptical. But just a minute later, my phone rang. And I’m so glad it did.

The person who connected us is a great connector, in terms of quality not quantity, making relevant and timely introductions. Both of us commented on that at the start of the call, and agreed at the end that he had done it again.

After a quick exchange of our respective July 4th celebrations, my new acquaintance smoothly proceeded to a refreshingly clear and concise overview of her work and next steps. I did my best to return the favor, seemingly with success, given her questions and suggestions for next steps.

Fifteen minutes very well spent not only defining potential collaboration and next steps, but also the shameful uselessness of so many drawn out and redundant ‘partnership’ discussions. I look forward to further contact and cooperation with someone so ready and willing to get stuff done. Together, and efficiently!