I decided today during a magnificent spring evening run along Manhattan’s gorgeous revitalized West Side that I would begin a ritual of writing a TGIF post each Friday. TGIF, though in the full spirit of excitement about the end of the week, with a different meaning: Thank Goodness I’ve Friends.

Along this fabulous, difficult journey of launching my own business, I become increasingly aware of how lucky I am to have a broad and deep circle of amazing friends who give me so much in so many ways. So I want to recognize them, or at least a small, representative portion of them who are particularly on my mind at the end of each week.

My very first appreciation is for an incredibly special friend who has been unconditionally supportive of me in all 360 degrees throughout the last nine formative months of Inspiring Capital. He supports my dream, makes me laugh, challenges my assumptions, boosts my morale, feeds me ice cream, and never lets me take myself too seriously. His generosity sometimes brings me to tears. And that makes him even more generous.

Though we haven’t known each other long, it feels like we have in many ways, and I am extremely grateful that we met. I couldn’t ask for a better “silent" partner. Thank you!