I am loving having a former colleague, now client, and dear friend in town this week: Humaira Wakili of Tomorrow's Youth Organization (TYO). We've known each other for 4 years, and worked directly together for 2. She is the Country Director for TYO in Nablus, and doing such incredibly inspiring, difficult (and usually rewarding, she reminds me), and creative work that it's always a joy to catch up. Plus, she's really fun. progress

But what has particularly struck me in the meetings that we've been having this week (with old and new relationships (like Clinton Global Initiative, Columbia University, Green Bronx Machine), is the progress that TYO has been able to make under Humaira's leadership, another great leader in Lebanon, and a fantastic team and some key strategic supporters. I love being outside, but in the inner circle of dynamic organizations like TYO, that are really changing the world. From this position, I'm able to see the impressive steps that they're making toward a better future. Having been on the 'inside', I know that social enterprise leaders like Humaira, or Stephen (of Green Bronx Machine) don't always recognize or appreciate internally. They are so in the weeds of the incredibly hard work of making the change that they're pursuing that they rarely get the birds' eye view of how far they've gotten!

So here's to progress toward a better future, and the friends (current and future) who are making it happen!