This week I'm grateful for three encounters with old friends. Two were wildly serendipitous, and the third, a long-awaited dinner with my dearest college friends. Some people say the best mirror is an old friend, and indeed each of these rendez-vous provided an uplifting reflection back to me of how far I've come in the 1, 5, or 10 years since I had seen each person. old friend2The first was Tuesday evening at a reception (very inspiring to learn about Contact Fund and their new cooperation with SeaChange), where I bumped into a college friend who I didn't even see at our 10th reunion, and so probably haven't seen since we graduated. His wife is a key team member at SeaChange, who I'd just been talking to about her move to Westchester in anticipation of a new baby. It took me a minute to put two and two together when I saw him and was catching up on his news, including a move to Larchmont.

The same evening, I met three of my closest college friends for dinner, two of whom live in New York and the third visiting from Pittsburgh. It had only been a year since we were all together, but time flies and I have a new business and a new boyfriend that are now central features of my life. The 'mirror' provided by these old friends was a welcome encouragement during a hard early fall week full of overwhelm and nerves.

Finally, I found another old friend purely serendipitously crossing the street outside Grand Central. He was my mentor in Rome, teaching me to ride a Vespa and play polo. And comes often to New York, but we never manage to catch each other. So here we did, in the middle of the street just after lunch.

Make new friends, but keep the old. They keep you honest. And proud!