Duh: no way that today wasn't going to be about LOVE, yknow, being Valentine's Day and everything. [I'm a bit of a sucker for holidays and celebrations. And was thrilled to see that Valentine's does actually have a pretty legit history. Its namesake saint apparently used to marry soldiers who couldn't marry officially in the Church, and the exchange of Valentines in the conversation heart variety started in the 18th century! I lost my bet last night, but glad that there's some history to it, beyond just Hallmark.] Vday owl

I am totally in love this year, with my family and friends (one special guy in particular!); but also with my job, including truly inspiring (forgive the pun, it's true), fun, talented, and supportive colleagues and clients. I am conscious of how lucky I am to feel and receive all this love, and also conscious of the choice that we all have to focus on love and the positive in our lives rather than the negative that we all endure.

So let this Valentine's Day be a reminder and a celebration of all you have to love in your life! (You don't have to love these monstrous Manhattan puddles, just look [and step!] beyond them and focus on loving our city!)