There's nothing like going away to remind me how grateful I am to have a home that I love. An amazing week chock full of professional satisfactions and challenges and learning and connections, and some great personal moments too, has been a vivid reminder of how good home is for me now, and how 'home' it is.

Having lived internationally for a decade, of which I was largely out of a suitcase for four years, I haven't always had a place that felt very deeply like home. And so I thought I didn't want or need such an anchor. But having spent the last year in New York, actually largely on and around one block of New York, I am grateful for that strong home base from which I can happily and confidently explore the world as needed, returning eagerly and often.

And of course, home is where the heart is, so huge thank you's are also due to the nearest and dearest people who've made this new home feel so home!


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