From 30,000 feet, I am hugely grateful today for the help that my team (internal Inspiring Capital folks and external partners, advisors, and friends) provides. Last night, with three events to host/attend (London Business School happy hour at fellow alum's Aesop store, Pave's NYC Rising Stars reception, and our own Impact Investing in Travel meetup), my mom in town, and a suitcase to pack; and today, en route to a weekend of yoga on Paradise Island, the help that I get (and ask for!) is worth a galaxy of gratitude. So thank you, helpers, and a word to the wise from the emerging genius, Adam Grant: "Giving is not about refusing help from others.  The clearest distinction between failed and successful givers is the willingness to seek and accept help."

(And, for the second week in a row, grateful to be in the press - HuffPo this time!)