This week, I'm feeling grateful for great advice! That often starts with generous connectors, and includes smart professionals, both of whom I've thanked in posts past. But this week, I've had a few awesome conversations with people that offered really insightful and useful advice about challenges we're currently working on. Top of mind is the conversation we had last night with Richard Demato, of The Workshop. He asked excellent questions, listened attentively, understood our context, and provided wise, insightful expertise about the immediate topic at hand (our branding and messaging) as well as our work more broadly. Thank you, Richard!

points of light

I'm glad to say that I also had the opportunity to provide advice this week, and I hope was able to be 1/3 as useful to those folks as Richard and others have been to us. I was honored to be invited to the Investor Cafe for Points of Light's Civic Accelerator. I was hugely impressed and inspired by the fellows and their initiatives, and the questions they asked! Check out the illustrious bunch here, including genius ventures like Kindoma, Causora, LaunchUR, and iDignity.

Perhaps most exciting to me was the fact that the majority of these social entrepreneurs have a working revenue model, whether they're for-profit or not-for-profit. Be the Change indeed!