A recurring theme this week has been self-improvement. I am grateful to be surrounded by people who are constantly challenging themselves to be better at what they do. Yael posed a wise wrap-up question in our town hall meeting today: "What was your biggest learning moment this week?" self improvementAnd despite my already very high opinions of all of my colleagues, I was positively impressed by the thoughtful answers that they all shared without a moment's hesitation. We're getting better at working together, building products that the market wants, and making the most efficient use of our time.

I was similarly inspired at dinner last night when a friend took my line, sharing his frustration with people who donate generously the fruits of their extremely intelligent, strategic professional success with such a not strategic approach. His hunger to learn more about the complex field of strategic philanthropy and share it with others helped get me out of bed on frigid Friday at the end of a long month!