This week, I'm grateful for focus! As we near the end of our INspire Impact summer fellowship, and look to the fall, we know that we are going to hugely miss our fellows, but also that they'll be closely involved as we narrow our focus to expand the program's reach and impact for 2015. focusHaving had a lot of ideas along my still relatively short entrepreneurial career, it feels amazingly satisfying, motivating, and exciting to come to this one of matching private sector talent with social ventures seeking growth and sustainability. It's timely: macro trends of purposeful work, social change, and cross-sector collaboration put the winds at our back. We've hit it out of the park with our first cohort of remarkably smart, dedicated, creative, flexible, and hard-working fellows. And very smart, influential people are coming on board, formally and informally, to help us make a scalable, sustainable, model of our own.

Watch this space (let us know if you want to see us in action in NYC on August 13), and good luck finding The Thing that you're inspired to focus on!