Today's gratitude goes to Experts. The people who have taken the time to know a lot and get really good at a topic and/or skill. And to get the capital 'E' as an Expert in my book, there's also a second requirement: that they be well-intentioned and generous with their expertise. As I build my own expertise in optimizing philanthropy, I am meeting a humbling range of professionals with impressive expertise in their respective fields. expert This week alone, I met with an impressive expert on measurement of social impact, who appropriately works at what is arguably the leading practitioner in that field: Robin Hood Foundation. Not only was Steve (pragmatically) brilliant at his work - and that was clear from a very limited first conversation - but he also was incredibly generous with his interest in and support of Inspiring Capital's work.

An Expert (in startup law) whom I met a few weeks ago introduced me to a colleague and friend of his who specializes in PR for startups. After a conversation with that expert, I was duly by the evidently practiced approach that he described to help attract some attention to Inspiring Capital's mission to optimize donors' generosity and the important work of social enterprises.

And finally, thanks to an extra dose of startup stress (on that front, make sure you read this post on the psychological side of entrepreneurship), I managed to tweak my neck pretty badly at the gym. We had to sit advisors and potential clients strategically to my left so that I could look at them. But this morning, my seasoned and talented trainer (vote for him as New York's hottest here!) did a magical combination of stretching, massage, and lifting, and while I can't see too far over my right shoulder, I managed to pitch to someone on my right quite comfortably this afternoon.

Thank you to these Experts and all the others who've helped me build my own Expertise that is now the foundation of Inspiring Capital. I relish the moments when I get to serve as Expert and only hope that I can be this helpful to others in my own field.