This week, my fabulous colleague Yael reminded me to be grateful for emotions. With end of the month adding to the standard healthy dose of stress I feel as an early stage entrepreneur, I was particularly stressy yesterday morning. But she pointed out that it is not only normal, but also a good thing that we are human and have these moods, whether managerial, focused, or fab! manag

focusedfabAnd then a friend (and superb messaging expert) told us a story about the Elephant and the Rider. The Rider represents rationality, while the Elephant represents emotion. It's easy to deduce the lesson here: the rider is very comfortably in control of the huge beast under her. Until she's not, and the elephant decides to run.

SO, I am grateful for the feelings and emotions I encounter along the thrilling, challenging, rewarding, and scary journey of launching a business. As The Economist pointed out in their special report on startups last month, we probably don't pay enough attention to the emotions of startup life.

I'm particularly grateful for the incredibly supportive colleagues and friends who surround me and help me keep the elephant relatively docile. Most days, at least... So if you are an entrepreneur, or know one, don't let the emotions of starting up scare you, but certainly don't ignore them!

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