"You must be in tune with the times and prepared to break with tradition." James Agee I am grateful that incredibly talented MBA students, as well as our outstanding Inspiring Capital team, are living by this insight. Less than half of people globally consider themselves engaged at work (2012 study here), and yet we all spend at least 30% (usually much more than that, especially here in New York) of our time on the job.


And so it is refreshing that so many young people are getting so clever in their job search to let tradition lead them, applying early and professionally, seeking informational career 'chats', preparing customized and insightful cover letters, and dressing for interviews. Without holding on too tightly to the traditional sectors in which this process is generally pursued: finance and consulting. We had 62 applicants from top 10 MBA programs for our brand new summer associate program. And having met our top 25 applicants in the last two days, I can confirm that they are impressive folks. I'm hugely appreciative of their willingness to put in the time and effort to find options beyond the traditional path, and to take the risk to join our mission to revolutionize philanthropy.

Stay tuned: it's going to be a fabulous summer! AND: if you're not an MBA, but also interested in an outstanding professional opportunity that's very in tune with the times, if a bit of a break with tradition, we'd love to have you! Apply here.