If you aren't in New York, or haven't spoken to a New Yorker this week, you might not have heard: it is freezing. Like Arctic front, do-we-live-in-Russia, substitute meetings for calls cold. I almost googled "frostbite" to see how to reanimate my finger tips when I got home after a 6 minute CitiBike ride earlier today. SO my gratitude today is that I do not - and have never - had to worry about basic needs like food and shelter.  

Pooh grateful It is particularly troubling to see people sleeping outside in this bitter weather. Like any New Yorker, and most urban dwellers, homelessness is a stymying and heartbreaking problem. It's not one that I know enough about to speak to intelligibly, but I did find this recent New Yorker article on the topic well-reasoned and informative.

Stay warm, and remember to count your blessings today, no matter how small or how many challenges may come with them.