This week I am grateful that the universe (i.e. the friends, colleagues, and partners around me) has been responding to my requests. As I get clearer about what I need personally, what I need for my business to succeed, and what my colleagues say and show that they need, I am increasingly able to ask for those things. And the really great news? The universe responds positively! It may not be quite immediate, or the biggest version of my request, but my needs are being met. askQuestions about asking for what you need (whether to ask, when to ask, who to ask) are particularly salient to me as a woman and a not-for-profit sector veteran. We know that women are less likely to ask for what they need, particularly in salary negotiations or other money-related discussions. I'm thrilled to see the recently launched #Ask4More campaign gaining momentum thanks to the fabulous Levo League.

Similarly, not-for-profit professionals have been taught to ask for what people want to give them, not what they need. While it's crucial to find win-win arrangements with donors, not-for-profit professionals are people too, and they also are usually the ones who know their organizations best. So it is in all of our interests for them to ask for what they need to stay happy, healthy, and productive, as well as what their organizations need to best achieve their missions.

So, a call particularly to women working in the social sector: Ask for what you need and want! Just be careful what you ask for - you may well get it.