It has been a wonderful week for Inspiring Capital, and so there were many people I could thank today, and am indeed sending my gratitude! But my weekly thanks go to a 360 friend: someone with whom I easily spend hours chatting and laughing about the grittiest details of my business, as well as the joys and challenges of relationships past, present, and future; global travel; work and life styles; and plenty else in between. This despite having spent relatively little time together in the relatively short time we’ve known each other.

I was introduced to this wonderful woman by another professional contact-turned-friend. Neither of us was exactly sure what the connector had in mind, but made time for lunch. It didn’t take long to fall into a very natural and comfortable exchange of ideas and thoughts, and indeed start brainstorming projects and ventures that we’d like to explore together. The discussions have continued, and get deeper and more comprehensive with time. 

I’m grateful to have been connected to this new friend, and for her openness and willingness to get to know me and support my work. And I am also grateful that there are people as smart, ambitious, well-connected, and thoughtful as her who have such a deep commitment to positive social change.