Perhaps it was the discussion with my accountant about becoming W2 employees and getting workers' comp and disability insurance that has made me feel particularly more like an entrepreneur this week. So I wanted to share some ideas with fellow entrepreneurs about what to be thankful for on this TGIF Friday! gratitude happy

1) Serendipity: as in, I sat down at a friend's birthday dinner next to a woman with whom I'd been emailing earlier in the day to arrange a get-acquainted call, having been introduced by another common friend. Those small world moments are what connect our ecosystem, generating the social capital that is essential to any entrepreneur's success in raising investment, building a great product, hiring the right talent, or selling thieir wares!

2) Partners: as in those people who you've known for years and then fall into just the right place to make a new Big Hairy Audacious Goal a very real prospect. This week, that's Lawrence and Roger!

3) Pay it forward wisdom: as in the entrepreneurs who've come before and make time to have coffee, listen to your latest pitch, assuage your panic-of-the-moment, or write gems like Unreasonable co-founder and CEO Teju's awesome post to help us all stay on track and get better.

4) Passion: as in the fuel for sleepless nights and 7 day weeks, overcoming the anxiety of making employees employees, and answering questions about your business model for the 37th time. If you're still not sure what that means, here are 14 minutes of passion that you can't not get.

5) Satisfaction: as in that high-on-life buzz when you confirm a HUGE meeting, or get a media hit, or make a sale. If you've gotten this far, you're like most entrepreneurs and other achievers, and your benchmarks for success are constantly moving. That's ok - there's always more to strive for. But in the meantime, be sure to give yourself a moment or 10 now and then to reflect on and enjoy those intermediate satisfactions!