I'm grateful first of all that I won't be working on Friday, and so this week's "TGIF" post comes a few days early, appropriately in time for Thanksgiving. I have so much to be grateful for this year that it is hard to highlight one specific topic, so here are the top three reasons for a social entrepreneur to be thankful on Thanksgiving.

1) The emerging social enterprise ecosystem. We aren't yet mainstream, but there is an incredible groundswell of support for entrepreneurs pursuing a triple bottom line. B Lab is doing amazing work to create guidelines and legal structures to standardize what we mean by 'good business'. Columbia's social enterprise program recognizes 501c3s and as in need of financial support to hire MBA talent. And on and on... The point is that there are myriad people, and institutions, supporting what we are doing to create alternative types of businesses!

2) Enthusiastic, dedicated talent: the number of young - and mid or even late career - professionals who approach us to learn more about Inspiring Capital's mission, or lend a hand in one way or another is stymying. And they follow through! This human capital element of the social enterprise sector is my strongest reason for being so bullish about its growth.

3) We get to love what we do! It is such a luxury to wake up (relatively) eagerly on a dark, cold, rainy morning to get a jump start on the day's tasks. Not a day passes that I am not consciously grateful for the ability to spend my energy in service of a mission that I believe passionately in.

4) Challenges! Of course, no social entrepreneur is without gargantuan, multiple, and always shifting challenges. But we have to embrace those too! After all, overcoming challenges (or failing, fast and forward) is the best way to learn!

So don't be a hero: relax and enjoy some pie tomorrow as you bask in the glory of life as a social entrepreneur!