(They say we learn things on the third time, so a reminder: TGIF = Thank Goodness I’ve Friends. A weekly chance for me to express gratitude to someone who has been of particular help or inspiration. Which I want to do not least of which because Inc. tells me it’ll make me more successful.)

This week, I want to thank a close friend and colleague (senior manager at an Inspiring Capital non-profit client,Tomorrow’s Youth Organization) for her dedication, persistence, and commitment to the organization’s work.

Center Director Humaira celebrates with the Core Program

She lives and works in incredibly challenging conditions that not many people of her talent and experience would accept. Her motivation is profound and genuine desire to improve life for the kids and families served by TYO’s services in the West Bank.

Plus, we just had a great day on the beach together, laughing and planning life, love, and work. It’s a joy and privilege to work with such quality professionals who also become great friends.