Artemisia is one of Brazil's leading social impact organizations. I wanted to highlight and share their impressive array of programs, including an accelerator, a socent business degree and international events, with the Inspiring Capital community.

Artemisia particularly prospers in their accelerator program. Their three year portfolio consists of 34 startups in the fields of education, housing, technology, health, and finance. After a rigorous selection process designed to measure the organization’s impact potential and scale, the lucky startups chosen gain access to the impressive network and knowledge of Artemisia.

During the accelerator, organizations are helped with:

1. Formatting the business model

Artemisia staff help create, test, strengthen, and retune each organization’s business model to maximize profitability and scalability.

2. Quality training of talent

Artemisia’s vast array of talent and experience is offered to the organizations for enhancing their professional development and success.

3. Mentoring

One key to long term success in any professional field is a dedicated mentor. Artemisia provides each organization with appropriate mentors that help nurture their success and growth.

4. Refining social impact

Artemisia’s advanced tools and experience help formulate the most effective approach to enhance each organization’s social impact.

5. Connections with investors and partners

Artemisia’s success comes with a wide array of investors and partners focused on maximizing social impact in Brazil. Depending on the organization’s maturity, Artemisia connects each organization with an appropriate investor or partner.

Artemisia is one of the main reasons Brazil’s socent scene is on the rise: 10 years in the field has garnered their prestigious reputation and a substantial impact in Brazil. But as they say on their website, “Our story is just beginning. Stay tuned because there is much more coming.”  We definitely will!