Last Friday 25th July I was able to attend the Nexus Global Youth Summit, hosted at the United Nations in New York. As someone who is passionate about education, I was immediately excited by the prospect of attending The Future of Education session, featuring two of my most admired professionals in the field: Wendy Kopp, CEO and co-founder of Teach for All and Adam Braun, CEO and founder of Pencils of Promise and former colleague at Bain & Company. I never stop being surprised by the energy and inspiration that these social leaders are capable of transmitting to their audience in what probably ends up being less than 10 minutes of airtime. This time, I was infused with defiance, as we were reminded about the magnitude of the achievement and attainment gap in the United States and abroad; but I was also infused with hope - the similar educational mindsets and patterns that create barriers to education around the world have a silver lining: similar problems, sharable solutions. 

Yet, more than anything else, was Wendy's and Adam's success in continuing to fuel my inspiration (and hopefully that of many other colleagues in the room) to one day become a leader in education. Seconding Adam, education is, without doubt, the priority issue of our time. The good news is that we have the resources and capabilities to fix it! What we're missing is exactly more people like Wendy and Adam: leaders. Leaders that can envision scalable solutions and inspire other to follow suite. It is towards this leadership capacity building goal that I am proudly working at Inspiring Capital now and will continue to do so at Business School next fall. But before we're back to school, some homework for the holidays: how can I convince more of my colleagues to join me in the educational challenge and forget about Wall Street's big bucks? Ideas welcomed!

-Clara Colina