TwitterPrior to working at Inspiring Capital, I didn’t have a Twitter account nor had I even looked at a Twitter profile. These past few months, I learned that Twitter can be an incredibly useful tool for building a personal brand. Whether it is interacting with companies I want to work for or reaching out to potential thesis interviewees, I have been able to harness the power of Twitter to help jumpstart my career. Here are some tips that I have learned on building a professional Twitter profile and make it work for your career goals:

  • Establish your identity: other than celebrities, the most followed Twitter accounts have a specific point of view. For instance, if you are a social enterprise professional (or want to start a career in this sector), tailor your bio and tweets around this subject-area.
  • Write your bio: Explaining who you are and what your profile is about will let other people know your interests and attract like-minded people. This will also help you focus on a target audience to curate your tweets accordingly.
  • Follow companies and leaders you are interested in: A great way to get yourself noticed and separate yourself from a stack of resumes on a desk is to follow these companies and tweet to their team. This can also help you see what topics they are currently talking about!
  • Keep it professional: It can take hundreds of tweets to build your brand, but it only takes one improper tweet to ruin your credibility.
  •  Share and create content: Try to avoid tweeting about mundane thoughts and share content that your followers may be interested in. You can retweet from your followers or share a link to an article about insights on your target industry.
  • Reach out: …to your followers and the leaders that you want to engage with. Think of your Twitter profile as a ‘contact’ that can help you connect with people who may be out of your current network reach. Engaging with Bill Gates or Barack Obama is as simple as writing a tweet to them. And though there is a small chance they will reply, at least you are putting yourself out there.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me @lorainnemarie for any other #socialmedia advice and questions!

-Lorainne Lopez