I co-hosted my first Twitter chat yesterday, under the able guidance of the Lean Impact team, who’s been leading a Lean Impact chat every Wednesday at 2 pm EST for the last few months. It was a great experience: we had useful as well as friendly / funny discussion. If you’re interested, see the full transcript, thanks to Yangbo Du, and more importantly, follow #leanimpact now and next Wednesday 2-3 pm EST to join in the conversation!


1) Trello: I’ve already fallen in love with this freeware to build to-do lists that are so much more. And eminently share-able. And free!

2) Prioritization of tasks was identified by the group as a crucial skill to master, whether by organizing your day in the morning and checking in hourly (see Peter Bregman’s 18 Minutes) or making a list and crossing out all but the top 3 most important tasks… See the transcript for more great points on this topic.

3) Tomato time: http://tomato-timer.com/ will help you manage your time and energy, with 25 minute work periods followed by 5 minute breaks. (And the full pomodoro method calls for a long 10 min break every four 30-minute cycles.) Going to try this one tomorrow!

4) Afternoon lull: many of us lamented the ‘afternoon lull,’ and suggested tips from meditation to an episode of The Daily Show to exercise to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!