Last night 100+ New Yorkers gathered in SoHo for the first of many NYC Impact Investing community events.  The energy and enthusiasm was contagious as this smart, talented group of people discussed Impact Investing as “a powerful new way to change the world.”  The networking was anchored by some of the field’s top professionals sharing thoughts on the current state of impact investing, advice for career switchers, and more, including words from:


  • Pip Deely, SFC Associates
  • Nell Derick Debevoise, Inspiring Capital
  • Jennifer Field, Gerson Lehrman Group

  • Giselle Leung, GIIN
  • Abhilash Mudaliar, GIIN

  • Folake Oguntebi, ImpactAssets

  • Joe Silver, Imprint Capital

  • John Walker, Columbia Business School

Here are some of highlights for those who couldn’t attend (from the live Twitter feed @inspiringcap #impinvNYC)

General Thoughts


Tonight’s meetup: encouraging to meet impact investors & entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this crazy world #impinvny


At tonight’s #impinvNY event we have #socent @PatrickFromuth who is funding and rebuilding an orphanage in #haiti #impinv


Joe Silver of Imprint Capital on advising for buy side #impinv : big spectrum of impact and financial return #impinvNY


Giselle Leung of @theGIIN on how #impinv work speaks to both the power of leveraging biz approaches and doing good in the world #impinvNY


On Challenges in the Space


MT @InspiringCap @118Capital on building a portfolio of early #socent cos. biggest challenge: turning momentum into $ #impinvNY #socinn


@IAimpactassets Dir. of Marketing: we are lowering the minimum of #impinvproducts so that individual donors can participate #ImpInvNY


@NFFSocialImpact on biggest challenge for #impinvNY: understanding capital needs of social sector and facilitating flow to it


Thoughts for Career Switchers


#impinv #jobs Tip: @theGIIN has a #career database on their website and they are hiring! #impinvNY


@theGIIN tip: be thoughtful about your passion in the space, think about your skills and interests and be articulate! #impinv #impinvNY!

Stay tuned for our yet-to-be-announced September NYC Impact Investing Event! In the meantime, join our Meetup group so you’re sure to get the next invitation. And use #ImpInvNYC on Twitter to share great resources, news, and events in the Impact Investing space! (

Big thanks to our event organizers Nell Derick Debevoise, Pip Deely, and John Walker!