PhotoI’ve come to notice that one of the best things about being the only intern is how much you get to learn about the people you’re working with. I don’t just get to be on one team but on two. I am on the team with the bosses and the team with the staff. It’s kind of like I’m the wardrobe that goes between Narnia and the real world. What I like about being an intern is that I get to execute my planning skills. I get to schedule meetings and keep people updated. I know that can be considered annoying work but for me it’s practice for being a teacher in the future.  It does help that my staff is young and fairly amusing to be around. They might be 9 years my senior, but when it gets down to it, mentally they aren’t as old as I had thought they would be. Since it’s a co-ed staff it’s easy to joke with everyone and breathe. It’s like I’m still in school sometimes except these guys and gals are more focused than my friends. As the intern I get to know them on a more personal level because we get to talk. We sit in the same office and we just converse. They are very bright people and just plain tricksters at the same time. It also helps that we have a mutual partnership where I schedule what they need. Being an intern isn’t something that people think of as a glamorous job, I am the exception. I like that I get to know the inner workings of Inspiring Capital. I wouldn’t have done this summer any other way. -Lana Zuaiter