I had the pleasure of speaking with Helen Coy, North East Regional Sales Director of Social Solutions, about the firm’s integration of impact measurement in the social sector. Helen has been actively serving her community and making an impact in the lives of many young boys and girls, but her work does not stop there. At Social Solutions, an organization that provides performance measurement tools and services to government agencies and human service organizations, Helen is actively involved in demonstrating the value of impact measurement in the social sector. As the need for impact measurement is growing, various organizations are finding ways to answer this need and provide measuring tools. She states that the ETO software tool produced by Social Solutions allows organizations the ability to scale their impact and demonstrate to funders and stakeholders the powerful work that has changed lives, saved lives and transformed communities in a measurable way. With over 14 years work experience in the nonprofit sector, she has had the opportunity to use and understand the functionality of the ETO software tool and now in sales is educating others about it. She explains the ETO software and the benefits and challenges in performance measurement.

  • The ETO software tool can be used by nonprofits to analyze and report data, improve the efficiency of service delivery programs, measure progress and outcomes, and demonstrate impact.
  • The ETO software tool is a cloud based software and is easily accessible.
  • The ETO tool can be customized to meet the specific needs of the nonprofits. It can be designed as per the specifications provided by the nonprofits and according to the service delivery programs.
  • The nonprofits receive training on the use and implementation of the software, with the end goal of becoming subject matter experts.
  • Although the tool can be of immense help, some organizations lack the capabilities/resources to adopt impact measurement tools.

As expectations for nonprofits to demonstrate and measure outcomes increase, impact measurement metrics and tools will become increasingly important and will need to evolve and cater to the changing and diverse nonprofit sector. This will be vital to making a positive and sustainable impact in society.

-Andrea D'Souza