I have spent the past couple of weeks at Inspiring Capital focused on drafting various components of my project’s business plan. The last section I had to complete is the one discussing the project’s team, partners, and advisors. After scouring the various resumes and LinkedIn pages for almost an hour, I was left with a few sentences on each member that failed to adequately contribute to the document. Thinking through the other sections I had written, I began to realize the entire document really acted as a marketing tool for the business. The writing tactics required to draft an effective business plan are more inline with those of persuasive writing than those of good research. I had a claim, that this is a meaningful company worth supporting, and I needed to substantiate that idea with evidence. One piece of evidence is the amazing team that the company’s founder compiled in the past year. Returning to the previous sentences that I drafted on the team members, I began highlighting their accomplishments in a manner that complimented the document’s overall purpose. Although we often discuss the importance of human capital, contributing to my project’s business plan really demonstrated it as an integral part of a project’s success.

-Ashley Cohen