Almost every Tuesday, I hear the dreaded news that my bosses expect a blog post from me within the hour. I readily admit this is certainly not the most strenuous work they could be assigning me, especially after hearing the horror stories of my fellow intern friends at neighboring offices in the financial district. Nonetheless, I pout for the next hour and scour my favorite websites for some inspiration.

My internship with Inspiring Capital, has in every way, exceeded my expectations. I’m learning far more than I could have hoped and meeting amazing individuals. I believe in the work I am doing and its eventual positive impact on society. It’s the kind of opportunity that anyone who has thought of a career in the social enterprise sector could hope for.

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However, even with your dream position in a business built to inspire, comes assignments that do not exactly do the same on the surface. Within 15 minutes of starting the blog post, I typically am sputtering off some self-indulgent ideas I would have mentally debriefed anyway. The reason I am able to do this, somewhat happily, has much to do with my bosses’ successful integration of the mission into their organization and its practices.

Often times, a mission statement is reviewed during orientation week only to be sporadically referred to in a verbal manner from there after. At Inspiring Capital though, the core internal team has ensured our work is engaging, meaningful, and stimulating. My understanding of the thought they have put into every aspect of their company has allowed me to find the motivation I need to complete my posts each week.

My conclusion here is not to brag yet again about my experience at Inspiring Capital, but to point out that productivity is 100% enhanced by the management team’s approach to running their organization. As frequently stated as this idea has been throughout my time at Inspiring Capital, it comes as yet another example of the duh/ah-ha revelations that have characterized my summer.

-Ashley Cohen