I was thrilled to see that Investors’ Circle is establishing a local network here in New York. The only (that I - or they - know of) formalized impact-only angel network in the country, Investors’ Circle, has an impressive range of programs and has invested $172 million in 271 ventures, which have raised $4B of follow-on funding. They consider the sector of activity as the primary factor in choosing entrepreneurs to pitch, which offers a pragmatic, action-focused, if somewhat qualitative way to get money to great early stage ventures.

They do monthly pitch nights in the cities where they have chapters (Durham and Philadelphia, with NY and SF coming online now), as well as larger networking and matchmaking events. They also had a fellowship program to train MBAs in impact investing, but had to discontinue that given its significant administrative cost. Of course, there’s an online platform that all members have access to, as well as regular calls with general sector discussion and specific consideration of a given deal.

Their first meeting in New York was standing room only, attended by 60+ investors who are considering joining. We’re proud that New York showed Investors’ Circle such a warm welcome: good confirmation that there are lots of impact dollars in this city looking for a good home!